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Emergency Eye Care in North London & Arva, ON

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Eye Care When You Need It Most

We know that even if you are caring for the health of your eyes every day, emergencies happen. Unexpected injuries or symptoms can leave you concerned and anxious about what to do next. Upper Richmond Optometry is here for your emergency eye care needs when you need us.

If you think you may have an eye emergency on your hands or need an appointment right away, please call us immediately: 

(226) 781-3662

If our office is closed, please head to the nearest emergency room for immediate care. If you need to book an appointment, click below.

We Offer Same-Day Appointments

When it comes to an eye injury or emergency, most of the time, it cannot wait. We are proud to offer same-day appointments at our practice for situations that are considered ocular emergencies. 

If you’re not sure if you are dealing with an eye emergency, give us a call to determine if you need a same-day appointment or a visit to the emergency room.

Common Eye Emergencies

Not sure what is considered an eye emergency? Included here is a list of common eye emergencies that require a same-day appointment. Give us a call if you would like to book a same-day appointment or aren’t sure if you require one.

Sudden and unexpected vision loss can be cause for concern. It could be temporary, or it could point to an undiagnosed eye condition or disease. Seek medical assistance right away if you’re experiencing vision loss.

A corneal abrasion is a scratch on the cornea, also known as the ‘window of the eye.” This could be caused by debris, dust, or sharp objects getting into the eye and causing scratching. Corneal abrasions usually come with pain, blurry vision, tearing, and redness around the area.

A foreign object in the eye can be anything that gets in the eye that is not supposed to be there. If this happens, don’t panic or try to remove it yourself if it won’t flush out with water. If the object does not come out naturally, you will need a doctor to remove it.

Chemical contact with the eye can happen through household cleaning, yard work, applying cosmetics, and more. Harsh chemicals can cause damage to the eye if not properly flushed out. If you are experiencing burning, redness, or pain that won’t subside, visit us immediately.

Flashes or floaters in the eye can occur due to migraines, or they could be the result of an eye condition that needs to be examined. Flashes of light can point to a disturbance to the retina, and floaters could be due to eye injury.

Blurry or warped vision could be a sign of an eye disease, such as diabetic retinopathy or a serious medical emergency. If you’re experiencing blurry or warped vision, see a medical professional for assistance.

Eye redness paired with discharge could be a sign of an infection such as conjunctivitis. This can be treated with medication or steroid creams provided by our clinic.

Don’t Stress, Visit Us Today

Don’t worry about having an appointment too far out for your emergency. Book a same-day appointment and let our team treat your eye emergencies right away,

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