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Medically-Focused, Technology-Driven Eye Care in North London & Arva, ON

Eye Care Fueled by Technology

At Upper Richmond Optometry, we are always looking for new ways to provide you and your family with comprehensive, friendly, and personalized eye care services. Our technology plays a big role in safeguarding your eye health. 

We implement technology throughout our practice and provide eye care services, such as dry eye treatments, myopia control methods, laser eye surgery consultations, contact lens fittings, macular degeneration screenings and treatments, and more.

Book online to schedule your appointment today—we look forward to being your destination for eye care in North London, Arva, and surrounding areas.

Symptoms such as watery eyes, blurry vision, and eye irritation can all be telltale signs of dry eye, a common vision condition. Our team at Upper Richmond Optometry can help. 

We offer dry eye assessments and provide treatment options such as IPL therapy, ZEST treatment, LipiFlow, and other at-home and in-office treatments. Our team works with you to find a dry eye treatment option for your needs.

Don’t let the symptoms of dry eye ruin your day—visit our dry eye page and book your appointment online to see how we can help.

Dry Eye Relief at Upper Richmond Optometry

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